2PM’s Nichkhun Back Hugs F(x)’s Victoria on "We Got Married"

On the latest episode of MBC “We Got Married,” both Nickhkun and Victoria romantically washed a car. Their mission of the day? To act like main characters of a romantic film!

While Nickhkun helped washing a car, Victoria decided to soak his stained shirt in soaped water. Watching this, Nickhun asked, ‘What are you doing?’ raising much laughter. Music started flow as the cute couple set out a very romantic atmosphere.

This is when Nickhkun backhugged Victoria. Although all they did was wash a car, both acted like they were in a true love story, as the caption on the bottom said, “Romantic Movie.”

Netizens have replied, ‘Hurry up and admit that you’re a couple!’ ‘It definitely looks like a movie.’ They remind you of professional models in couple photos, but now they’re starting to look more like romantic movie stars!

source: nate