FT Island Lee Hongki Says Sorry to Fans on Twitter

The boys of FT Island have been receiving lots of love through promoting their new mini album “RETURN”. They have been getting on music programs each week to perform their title track “Hello Hello”, yet the charismatic vocal Lee Hongki seemed to make a little mistake on the Music Bank stage on the 3rd.

There was a part of the song supposed to go up to a high note; however, Hongki did not make it this time. You could even tell by the expression on his face that he wasn’t feeling well, and he did go to the hospital due to some throat problems he’s been suffering lately.

Check out the performance below (2:27)

Feeling bad about disappointing fans, Hongki left a tweet to apologize to all the fans.

“Recording just finished, although I kept on thinking not to make mistakes anymore, still didn’t make it. I should really be taking care of my body more, must resist any temptation! Babies, I’m sorry about today. Aigoo, so embarrassed ㅠㅠ please forgive me, just today~~~”

With that cute tone saying “Aigoo~~” at the end, how could anyone not forgive him?!