T-ara Having Fun With Mud?!

Early this morning, T-ara’s Ji Yeon tweeted “Three black beans” along with a photo of her and fellow members, Eun Jung and Hyo Min, having facials. In the photos, the three young idols are seen with various adorable facial expressions and mud packs. While image is everything for female idols, the girls of T-ara bravely revealed their natural and everyday selves with comfortable clothes and hairstyles. 

After Ji Yeon’s tweet, Hyo Min tweeted, “Very aromatic,” referring to Ji Yeon’s “black bean” quote. Eun Jung also added, “Haha detoxifying. This is funny haha. I’m going to look at this whenever I’m down! hahaha!!”

Following the tweets, netizens have commented, “Haha, detoxifying! Haha Maybe I should have a facial too!” “You guys are too cute!” and “How can you all look so pretty even when your faces are covered with mud?”