SNSD’s Yoona and Seohyun’s most recent goddess-like photo has caught the attention of many fans. The group’s agency, SM Entertainment, recently released some photos of a mature SNSD from the poster of their second solo concert, “2011 Girl’s Generation Tour.” In particular, the photo of Yoona and Seohyun have stunned a lot of fans for their mature beauty.

Some comments of netizens who have seen the photo included “Prefect goddess-like poses,” “You can feel their intense stare,” and “Their beauty is maturing everyday.”

SNSD made their debut in Japan last year with “Genie.” Their first Japanese album was released on June 1 which topped the Oricon Chart. According to Japanese newspaper, Sankei Sports, SNSD’s total earnings for music sales for the first half of 2010 was over 800 million yen.

The girls are currently on tour in Japan and they will jumpstart their 2nd Asia tour in Seoul on July 23rd and 24th at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium.