Kim Haneul Comments on 1N2D Concerning Her Bare Face

Actress Kim Haneul revealed her no make up face for the first time and was praised for her beautiful and fresh looks without any make up on.

The popular actress who was invited as a guest on KBS 2TV Happy Sunday’s program “1 Night 2 Days (1N2D),” introduced the special segment “Female Actress Special” and disclosed something that the public has not seen since she became an actress .

Kim Haneul was shown getting ready before going to bed. She headed to the bathroom and disclosed her make up removal routine.

While brushing her teeth, she asked the cameraman : “Will all of this be broadcasted?”

She then washed her face from make up and muttered to herself: “Haneul Ah, it’s okay. Even I wouldnt know who I was.”

When she finally finished her preparations before going to sleep, she looked at herself in the mirror. Usually when celebrities remove their make up, most of the time they look very different from the perfect image we are used to see. But this time, Haneul’s brand-new image was very close to her usual glamorous self.

Thus the show’s captions praised Haneul’s fresh face : ” A bare-faced beauty is born.”

What do you think of Haneul’s new image?

Source : TV Report