4Minute Hyun Ah’s Selca Parade: Excited Over Being 20

On June 2nd, 4Minute Hyun Ah shared with her fans on twitter a collection of selca showing her new self as a twenty years old young woman.

She tweeted the pictures on her personal twitter account along with the caption : “Waaaah make ups are so miraculous.”

Hyun Ah showed off her bright and milky skin. Through these pictures one could notice Hyun Ah’s hypnotic gaze and charming lips.

Showing off her cute charms through various expressions, Hyun Ah gave off a more feminine feel.

Netizens commented : “Hyun An can be cute one minute and then sexy.” “Her facial expressions are the best!” and “I could say a lot but just saying that she is a real beauty says it all.”

Source : TV Report