IU Interview: "Figure Skating Practice, Tiring?"

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On the June 5th broadcast of SBS “Good Sunday – Kim Yuna’s Kiss and Cry”, we were able to meet with Choi In Hwa, the figure skater IU chose to pair up with.

“I wanted to partner up with an athletic person”, Choi In Hwa confessed. “[That’s why] I wanted to be partners with Krystal.” But when faced with IU, he explained he wasn’t dissapointed to become IU’s partner.

In a separate interview, however, Choi In Hwa confessed honestly, “I thought the sky was falling. Because the only remaining person was IU, the outlook wasn’t so bright.”

“Is that true?” IU wondered after hearing his true thoughts. “He didn’t really show it. Was he acting?”

However, in an individual interview, IU garnered a lot of attention as she showed without much makeup on. Although cute as always, she showed signs of fatigue from her busy schedule and figure skating practices.


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Source: Nate News