Min Hyo Rin, Lovely Summer Doll

Min Hyo Rin transformed into a ‘Bohemian Girl’.

On the June issue of CeCi Campus Retreat, Min Hyo Rin showcased a variety of summer dresses at a photoshoot, catching the eyes of many. With romanian features like white skin, long hair, and a smily face, Min Hyo Rin gained the admiration of the staff members. 

Min Hyo Rin  is a singer, actress, and model with the talent agency, Starfox Media. She has appeared in the TV Shows: KBS “Romance Town” (2011), SBS “Dr. Champ” (2010), and MBC “Triple” (2009), and also the movie Sunny (2011). She first appeared as a model for the female clothing brand “Flapper” in 2006. 

As you can see from the photos above, her radiance is truly beautiful. She is thus, a Lovely Doll  of the season!

Source: Yahoo NEWS KR


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