C-Jes Withdraws Lawsuit Against Avex

JYJ’s management agency, C-Jes, have released an official statement explaining the reasons for withdrawing their lawsuit against the Japanese record label, Avex.

The lawsuit was first filed after Avex halted JYJ’s plans of performing at the Saitama Super Arena for a charity concert to benefit the victims of the recent earthquake in Japan. Avex stated, “Without Avex as a proxy, JYJ cannot hold activities as artists in Japan,” but C-Jes later argued that JYJ’s exclusive contract with the Japanese label had been cancelled in February due to breach of contract. It added they no longer had exclusive rights over JYJ’s Japanese activities, “and used unfair influences to conduct obstructive measures against the charity event in question.”

Prain, JYJ’s PR agency, has recently stated, however, that the provisional injunctions C-Jes filed due to this, have now been withdrawn. According to Prain, “JYJ is now able to perform on the 7th, bringing us to the conclusion that there is no need to carry through with the injunctions, which lead to its withdrawal.”

C-Jes concludes that, “In light of the abovementioned actions from Avex, our company had requested for a proper verdict from courts, and although we had been forced to seek a preliminary injunction against Avex from the Tokyo District Courts a few days ago, given the current circumstances of the charity event being just around the corner, it was decided that we would not continue with the lawsuit against Avex.”

Source: edaily star in, dongbangdata, C-Jes