Rookie Group Block B to Have Own Reality Show

Even before their debut the boys of Block B have garnered much attention from the public. If you are unfamiliar with this talented, youthful group they are made up of seven members: Zico, U-Kwon, Kyung, P.O., Taeil, and Jaehyo consisting of three rappers and four vocalists. Yet all of the members have backgrounds in hip-hop, rapping, singing, dancing, and composing.

Block B (short for the term “Blockbuster”) is the brainchild of rapper and record producer Cho PD. His idea was to put together a group of idols who change the idea of idol stars and pop music, bringing to the table artists who produce and compose their own lyrics and music while they reintroduce the public to hip-hop music. The members worked besides being mentored by Cho PD have been tutored by talented and well-known choreographers and underground rap artists. If that weren’t enough as they trained the guys were required to write at least 100 songs! Block B officially made their debut on April 15th with their track, “Freeze!”

Although Block B has only been officially active in the K-Pop scene for more than a month or so it has been recently announced that Block B will star in their own reality show! The show will follow the Block B boys as they go through their daily life as idols. The official announcement was made through Cho PD’s Twitter account. Here is the tweet Cho PD left about the reality show:

“6日からスタートする新韓ラブ男子Block.Bの編集中!ビボムとユグォンの 洗濯物たたみ、ジコのマジ昼寝姿、ユグォンの冷 蔵庫の中身紹介、テイルのこだわりの服選び!マンネの無邪気な言動、ジェヒョの光り輝くイケメン姿、パッキョンのマシンガントークなどなどめちゃくちゃ面 白いですよー!”

Translation: “BNS has a new thing going on for the Blocks! On June 6 they will start to broadcast a reality show about the boys like Catnap Zico, U-Bomb moments, Taeil’s specials, Maknae innocent character, the handsome prince Jaehyo and Kyung playing machine guns!”

The show is scheduled to begin airing Monday, June 6th at 9PM on MTV. Will you be tuning in?

Also be sure to look out for their album that will be released later this month.

Source: Cho PD’s Twitter and Taeilequus@Tumblr