New Albums And Singles Preview – 2011 June Week 1

Secret single album Vol. 2 – Starlight Moonlight (June 7)

01 Oh! Honey
02 Starlight Moonlight
03 Mellow Movie

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Girl group Secret, who has quickly garnered much popularity from fans returns after five months with a new single album titled, “Starlight Moonlight” with the theme of memories and love. There are three songs in this album, all title-track worthy. The title track is however, “Starlight Moonlight,” a Kang Ji Won, Kim Ki Bum co-production. The song expresses pure feelings of a young girl. “Oh! Honey” was also composed by the Kang and Kim combo while “Mellow Movie” was composed by Park Soo Suk, Lee Min Ki, and Jun Ha Un. The lyrics are about thanking a loved one for acting as a gift in one’s hectic life.


Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) 1st mini-album – Break Down (June 7)

01 Intro (Let Me Go)
02 Break Down (feat. Double K)
03 Please
04 Kiss Kiss
05 Yes I Will
06 Please INST

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Asia’s top entertainer, Kim Hyun Joong makes a comeback in the music scene with his first solo mini album, “Break Down.” Producer Steven Lee, who has worked with some of Japan’s top artists from the likes of V6 and KAT-TUN has helped Kim this past year. The album starts off with a powerful intro, “Intro (Let Me Go)” continuing off with the title track, “Break Down.” The latter track is a powerful urban dance number with dynamic bass and synth sounds. Double K lends his stylish rap upgrading the song a notch. Also included in the album are “Please” which was included in Kim’s teaser video, “Kiss Kiss,” an acoustic pop dance number, and “Yes I Will,” an up-tempo club dance song.


4men Vol. 4 – The Artist (June 7)

01 I Feel So Nice
02 Riddle
03 I Love You
04 Crush (Feat. Mi)
05 One Time In Your Life
06 Oasis
07 Shouldn’t Be Happening
08 Leave
09 Lovesick
10 My Girlfriend
11 I Do
12 Never Leave You
13 Can’t Forget
14 One Time In Your Life (INST)
15 I Love You (INST)

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Talented vocal group, 4MEN who is recognized by many for their singing skills returns with their fourth full-length album titled “The Artist.” All thirteen tracks were produced by Yoon Min Su and composed by the members themselves. The title track is “One Time In Your Life,” a ballad number about not being able to let go of one’s feelings over an ex-lover. Also included in the album is “Crush” which is about a boy’s one-sided love. Mi, who has become quite popular due to her collaboration in Secret Garden’s theme song, “Here I Am” lends her vocals in this song as well.


Ji Sun – Wish (June 9)

01 Blow Wind
02 Ever After
03 Thanks To

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Female singer songwriter, Ji Sun returns after two years with a new album, “Wish.” There are a total of three tracks, all of which were composed, penned, and arranged by the artist herself. The title track is “Blow Wind,” a song about sending past love away. Listeners can feel sadness and pain through this beautifully written number. The second track is “Ever After” a song about giving one’s past love blessings while the last song, “Thanks To” is a thank you letter to family, friends, and fans for always being there.


Other Releases:
Feel Bay – The Breeze (June 7)
Manny OST (June 7)
Toda – Toda (June 7)
Knockdown – Dynamite (June 8)
Sunnyhill – Midnight Circus (June 8)
Eye to Eye – Eye to Eye (June 8)
Ampia Project Vol. 1 (June 8)
I Am a Singer (June 9)
Touched By The Moon – EP 1 (June 9)
Young Ji – Sorrowful Heart (June 9)
Soro – New Vintage (June 10)
Elupahnt – Vol. 2 (June 10)

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