After School “We Shower Together and Don’t Even Wear Clothes in Our Dorm”

On June 2nd’s episode of TvN’s “Taxi,” the girls of After School surprised everyone with their honest stories of what goes on in their dormitories. “Taxi” met with After School on a special set, a water taxi versus their normal yellow taxi. The program revealed the tidbits of After School’s everyday lives. Because of their large member size, the girls confessed that many things – including socks, food, and sometimes even underwear – go missing.

When host Lee Young Ja stated, “You all probably wear really pretty PJs” to which the members made the shocking confession, “We shower together, so we don’t even bother wearing clothes in our dormitory.” Because of the member size, they revealed that they use the bathroom with four members at a time. Some wash their hairs while the others brush their teeth or even use the toilet. 

The show continued on to topics about love and ideal types. UEE answered, “A guy without double eyelids is my ideal type. A fellow celebrity would be nice too.” Leader Kahi stated, “ I like someone’s who’s comfortable like a friend.”