SNSD Tiffany’s Age in Question. Is She 26 or 23 Years Old?!

Girls’ Generation’s (SNSD) Tiffany is under the spotlight for possibly lying about her age. Recently, a copy of Stephanie Hwang’s, Tiffany’s full name, so-called ID has been surfacing various online communities. What caught the netizens’ eyes about the photo was the date of birth listed on the ID. The ID shows the numbers 86 08 01, which stand for year, month, and date of birth. The listed year 1986 would mean that Tiffany is 26 years old Korean age. However, Tiffany’s official profile states that she was born in 1989. 

Fans who have come across the photo have been quick to defend the young star, citing photoshop. Netizens commented, “I don’t understand why people even bother making lies like this,” “Guess this means another huge topic about stars lying about their age,” and “I don’t know what to believe.” 

While many netizens are confused and do not know what to believe, one thing is certain. The controversies surrounding photoshop and stars lying about their age will continue to haunt both stars and its fans for some time.

Click to read SM Entertainment’s official statement regarding the issue.