2PM’s Backstage Video of Their LG U+ Photo Shoot

2PM is known for endorsing such brands as Coca-Cola and newer phone models of the Samsung Anycall series. Now, they’ve moved on to the new LG U+002 phone.

2PM has recently created a photo book for the promotion of the U+, which LG stores will have during a signing event with members of 2PM. The event will last from 6-7pm for twelve days in new Seoul LG U+ stores.

Along with promotional pictures, [Real 2PM] has released a behind the scenes video of their photo shoot. The members are seen laughing and joking with one another, as well as a closer look at what the boys do in their spare time during the shoot. Wooyoung was filmed reading the book “11 Minutes,” which he commented was, “Too erotic.” Junho was also caught freestyling to Usher’s “DJ Got Us Falling in Love.”

Everyone continued to dance on set, even while photographers took pictures of them.

Source: newscj