SM Entertainment Addresses SNSD Tiffany’s Age Issue

Recently, a copy of Girls’ Generation’s (SNSD) Tiffany’s ID photo has been a hot topic among the online communities. What caught the netizens’ eyes about the photo was the date of birth listed on the ID.  The ID shows the numbers 86 08 01, which stand for year, month, and date of birth. The listed year 1986 would mean that Tiffany is 26 years old Korean age. However, Tiffany’s official profile states that she was born in 1989. Fans were quick to recognize that the numbers on the ID were fabricated. 

Just moments ago, SM Entertainment finally took action and announced, “Tiffany was indeed born in 1989.  We are currently investigating the photoshopped photo. There have been similar instances before, and now we will be taking the necessary actions against netizens who photoshop photos to distort information of our stars.” 

Currently, the girls of Girls’ Generation are busy with their concerts in Japan.