Napoleon and Tabitha Teach BoA how to Play Basketball

America’s famous choreographing couple Napoleon and Tabitha (Nappytabs) recently revealed a sel-ca in front of a wide screen. They were teaching BoA about the fundamentals of NBA.

Napoleon revealed it onto twitter stating: ‘Mid-way teaching BoA how to play basketball.’

All three talents fondly smiled and grinned at the camera as the photo was shot.

Netizens, awed with the accomplishement, stated: ‘I finally know why she went to America.’ ‘Wow, the face-size comparison is eye catching.’ 

Napoleon and Tabitha are largely known to their contribution with developing the new hip-hop dance known as lyrical hip-hop. They are best known for their choreography in So You Think You Can Dance.

BoA is currently at America currently filming for an American movie, Kobu 3D.

source: nate