Daesung’s Traffic Accident and Chae Dong Ha’s Suicide Topped Google Mobile and Web Search

It seems like last week wasn’t exactly a bright week for K-Pop industry. The news of the traffic accident of Big Bang’s member Daesung, and the unfortunate news of the singer Chae Dong Ha’s committing suicide have respectively topped the ranking of Google mobile and web search.

Daesung’s news regards to the traffic accident ranks as first in the web search category. It was reported that he got involved in a traffic accident at 1:40 on May 31st. Daeung was driving his car and got into an accident with a taxi that was in front of him. Meanwhile, there was already a motorcyclist lying on the road that was possibly knocked down by a hit-and-run driver. Police now is still investigating the accident, to find out whether the motorcyclist’s death was related to Daesung.

On the ranking of Google web search, it was the news of the suicide of former SG Wannabe’s member Chae Dong Ha came in first. He was found dead at his home and it is believed that the depression he was suffering led to the suicide. Recently, the news about celebrities committing suicide is following on by one, shocking the public. Daesung’s news ranks high on web search as well, which shows how much attention it has garnered.

Source: fnnews