SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong Pigs Out With Goong Cast

SS501 is still fit and sporting chocolate abs, right? Well, the center member is taking a chance on his perfect body by enjoying a little boy band given pizza. On June 6th, the current B2M Entertainment talent tweeted an image of himself with his current co-workers enjoying pizza. Who brought this greasy yet favorite guilty pleasure meal? It was none other than his fellow Double S member, Heo Young-Saeng!

Check out the image and tweet below:

“Young Saeng brought a ton of pizza. We will enjoy it. heehee His sunglasses are very nice. Thanks Young Saeng!”

Kim Kyu Jong is one pampered prince! The singer has taken over the role of Prince Shin in Goong’s current stage play. The musical has traveled to Japan after former idol prince DBSK’s U-Know didn’t renew his royal title. The new Goong began its reign on June 4th and the play will continue to entertain audiences through June 23rd at the Kyoto Minami Theatre.


Credit: @2kjdream