Choi Si Won Greets Mystery Guests on The Set Of His New Drama

On June 6th, the Super Junior member had a pair of very special guests visit him on the set of his upcoming Taiwanese Drama, “Extravagant Challenge”. Do you want a hint? There were two people…a male and a female. Here are a few more hints….he has known them his entire life, they love him dearly, and they even named him!

Who were the loveable “mystery” guests? His parents, the Choi Family!

You can read his proud son tweet below:

“My wonderful parents visited me on location. We had such a good time together! Have a good day”

The actor, singer, and model is currently in Taiwan filming his upcoming drama “Extravagant Challenge” with fellow Super Junior member Dong Hae. However, his previous tweet and retweet tells us that his heart is in another country. 

Read the messages below about the country that will always remain in his heart:

“Just got home. Wish I was in indonesia! God bless �de00 !!”

Retweet: “So this is @siwon407 ‘s DM to me saying he really wants to be in Indonesia right now for his fans �de42 (I know you’d believe it more if you got proof. so here is the capture screen) He luvs his Indonesian fans!”

What do you think of Si Won’s latest tweets?

Credit: @siwon407 and @agnezmo