BEAST’s Junhyung Talks About Producing Music

On May 17th, Beast released their long awaited first official album entitled, “Fiction and Fact”. The group went on to place first on music programs with their tracks “Fiction” and “On Rainy Days”. With multiple first place achievements the group continues to grow in popularity. Besides having a brand new album and winning mutizens there was another reason why the group was grabbing the attention of the public. The reason being that rapper, Yong Junhyung composed, wrote, and produced the groups track “Freeze”.

Fellow member of Beast, Yang Yoseob commented saying, “This album is significant for many reasons. Especially, Junhyung produced a song. For some reason, he’s the only one who wouldn’t come home. I thought, ‘What is he doing that makes him sleep elsewhere’ but I saw that he would stay up all night in the producing room writing a song.”

Junhyung’s reply to Yoseob’s curious story was this, “Because the producing room is in the basement, I worked hard not knowing time passed. When I concentrated on working, it would already be dawn. When I was too tired to drive, I would call a driver and return home late.” When asked he explained about his desire to write his own songs, “I was interest in writing songs since long ago. I studied it continuously and I finally started working now. However, when I listened to the song I wrote at night, it would sound nice and then the next day, I wouldn’t like it. I wrote a few songs and then threw them away, repeating this cycle over and over again.”

Then Junhyung discussed his process of how “Freeze” finally came to fruition, “One day, S. Tiger hyung suggested to me ‘Hold onto one song and try fixing it.’ And so after going through, fixing the song, I let the president listen to my first song and he asked, ‘Why did you bring this?’ I was shocked, thinking ‘Do I not have any talent in producing?’ and I was upset. Then, S. Tiger hyung said, ‘It is rare for even me to get an okay on the first try. If it doesn’t work, why don’t you try again?’ So I started working again and the song ‘Freeze’ came out.”

Following his story of “Freeze” he then said, “I’m most thankful to S. Tiger hyung. If it wasn’t for him, I would’ve never thought to release a self-produced song. Even now he tells me ‘Take everything you can get from me’ and he continues to teach me about producing.” Of course S. Tiger wasn’t the only person Junhyung wanted to thank, “I thank my members. After listening to the song, they told me that the song has to go into the first official album. And so it was put into the album, and this album has become very significant to me in a variety of ways.”

In closing Junhyung said, “I want to produce more songs.” Perhaps the more he ends up sleeping elsewhere, then the more songs he will end up producing.

What do you think of “Freeze”? Should Junhyung continue to sleep in the studio? Should the other members try their hand at writing songs?

Source: Sports Chosun
Photos: Sports Chosun
Translation: poco123@B2stRising