Could GD&TOP Vol. 2 Possibly be in the Works?

This past December charismatic leader G-Dragon and power rapper TOP of Big Bang fame got together for a highly overdue pairing as GD&TOP. They released an album, filmed music videos, and performed live on music shows. To no surprise they even won a few mutizens. GD&TOP were a duo made in heaven and their track “Knock Out”, which was a collaboration between them and American DJ, songwriter, and producer Diplo was nothing short of that! No doubt there was a true connection between these talents made. So it shouldn’t be too surprising if one party visited the other, right?

On June 5th the first indication came as Diplo left a post on his Facebook account saying, “In Korea”. Today he made a few other updates to his status saying, “in studio with YG Family” and followed by “riding a segway around YG family studio while big bang drinks vodka and eats beef jerky”. If that weren’t enough of information as to his whereabouts he even uploaded a short video clip where he rode around the YG Building on a Segway a la GD&TOP! 

Along with all of that he also posted a photo of himself with the famous killer duo in the flesh! The backdrop is clearly the well-known YG recording studio. Along with the picture he tweeted, “In studio with G-dragon & TOP koreas coolest bros and best rappers.”

So what could these three talented fellas be up to? Do you think this means there will be some sort of a GD, TOP, & Diplo sequel, perhaps in the form of a single or whole album? Maybe they’re recording a track for the upcoming Big Bang album? What are your thoughts?

Source: Diplo’s Facebook Account
Photo: Diplo’s Twitter Account