How Do Big Bang Members Get Female Celebrities’ Phone Numbers?

The maknae of Big Bang Seungri once again revealed an interesting story about Big Bang members. On the June 6th episode of SBS “Night After Night,” he told us how his hyungs get female celebrities’ phone numbers!

Seungri said, “Seniority ranks are really important for Big Bang members; the oldest hyung and maknae all do things according to the ranks. Hyungs would say to me, ‘Seungri yah! Go to the girl and get her number! And say something to her!’ But if the girl is really beautiful, hyungs would go get her number themselves instead!”

He further explained, “I just use the straightforward strategy to get girls’ numbers. I will just say to her, ‘Mr. G-Dragon wants you to give him your number.’”

Seungri is just unstoppable once he gets on variety programs!!

Source: Newsen