VIPs in Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan Show Their Support for Daesung

Since Big Bang member Daesung’s traffic accident happened, it is reported that he has been locking himself in the room and has refused to talk to anyone, even his family. VIPs all over the world are worried about his mental condition. While the truth of the accident is still under investigation, VIPs in different countries got together and held their own event to show their support for Daesung. See here to learn what Soompiers did for Daesung.

VIPs in Philippines held a “We Support Daesung” banner and had yellow bands on their arms at 2NE1’s concert in Philippines.

Vietnamese VIPs got together and left their messages for Daesung on a huge banner!

Menwhile, Taiwanese VIPs made a video with everyone holding a card written “Daesung Fighting” in Korean, English and Chinese.


We believe this is only a part of it and there are more VIPs around the world supporting Daesung. Hope this would give Daesung at least a little bit of strength to get through the hard time! Fighting!


Source:iBigBang Fansite