After School Lizzy in a Bikini!

After School Lizzy’s beautiful and gorgeous bikini picture is gaining a lot of attention on the internet.

On June 6th for the episode of MBC’s sitcom “All My Love,” Lizzy’s character Soon Duk decides to wear a bikini and show off her charm to Doo Joon (B2ST). Soon Duk takes Doo Joon to an island with a good view in order to have some private time with Doo Joon. However, as Ock Yup (Jo Kwon) joins in everything becomes all tangled up!

Soon Duk texts Doo Joon, “There is something that happened please come to the beach.” Then Soon Duk was at the beach in a sexy pose. However, Doo Joon wasn’t available at the time and Ock Yup came instead and surprises Soon Duk.

For the show, now it seems as though Ock Yup will fall for Soon Duk, after seeing her in a bikini!

Source: Nate