IU on Her Leaving KBS "Immortal Song 2"

IU’s Entertainment agency explained the reason why IU only appeared on one show of KBS “Immortal Song2.” IU’s agency on June 7th revealed to Star Today that it had already been agreed upon in the past.

The agency said, “We knew that ‘Immortal Song 2’ was set up in a way that singers could always change; the reason being that the point of the show is re-interpreting new songs.”

The agency continued, “IU had only agreed to come on one episode, and during the filming she tried her hardest leaving no regrets. Of course there probably was some could have would haves..”

Also, “People are very interested in IU and there is always news, comments about every move by IU, and it probably gave her a difficult time. We were also concerned whether IU would be hurt by any of these unnecessary misunderstandings, even though IU always tries her hardest for whatever she does.”

Currently IU is in Japan for a pop program.

Source: Star Today