Lee Hongki and Seo In Young Show Off Their Nail Art!

Nail art is no longer for female artists only! Not only we have Seo In Young showing off her delicate nail art on twitter, the vocalist of FT Island Lee Hongki’s rocker style nail art is gaining much attention as well!

At the stage of FT Island’s new single “Hello Hello”, Lee Hongki does some gesture with his hands to match the lyrics. At first, he only painted his nails black, adding some rocker flavor! Then he started to have things like skull painted on the nails, and now he has crystal deco on it too!

Hongki said on his twitter, “The hand gesture wasn’t planned, but the response from fans was pretty good. So to emphasis my hands more this time, I tried to add some crystal deco on them! ”

On the other hand, we have Seo In Young showing off her nail art on her twitter as well! Seo In Young is currently promoting her new ballad single “Wash”. Compared to Lee Hongki’s nail art, her’s was definitely more complicated; it took her 6 hours to complete and the design was specifically created for her! Sitting there for 6 hours?! It does take a lot to be a fahionista!!


Source: Nate / Lee Hongki’s twitter