Hyori Expected to Delay Comeback This Year

Lee Hyori is expected to delay her comeback to later this year. It was originally announced that her new album would be released this June however, due to certain circumstances, her comeback has been delayed. 

An official said, “At first, the plan was to release the new album in June. But due to collecting songs for the new album and preparation for her comeback, it will be difficult to come back in June.”

Hyori’s comeback is expected to happen in between August and September this year, the official said. This would mark her return to the music industry since the release of her fourth album in April last year. In 2010, her album “H-Logic” was caught in a plagiarism controversy in which more than half the songs were reported to be plagiarized by the composer (Bahnus) working on her album. Since then, Hyori has been on hiatus from the music industry and has spent her time doing volunteer work with animal shelters.

Netizens expressed excitement on Hyori’s comeback, saying, “I’m ready for Lee Hyori’s new album,” and “It’s nice to see her put the past behind and return with hope.”

Source: newsen