Will SBS “Night After Night” be Cancelled?

It is reported today that SBS “Night After Night” has already finished their last recording in the past 3 days. Someone affiliated with the program revealed, “I heard about the news that the sudden decision of cancelling the show has been made. And the members of the cast were all really shocked and confused.”

“Night After Night” first episode was broadcasted last October. The cast gathering some influential MC such as Tak Jae Hoon, Park Myung Soo, and Kim Jae Dong drew much attention. Yet it seems like the show is saying last farewell to their audience after only 8 months.

Is the reason of the sudden cancellation related to Daesung’s recent traffic accident? The answer might be no! The program did continue its recording despite Daesung being missing for three days, and due to YG Entertainment’s request, the episode broadcasted on the 6th even cut out the majority of Daesung’s appearances.

The possible reason might be the low viewer ratings. According to AGB Nielson Media Research, the national viewership of the episode on the 6th was recorded to be 6.3%. Comparing with the programs from the three main broadcasting companies aired at the same time, the result seemed to be rather disappointing. Another person related to the program said, “It seems like the decision of canceling the show was made due to various reasons. The network is now preparing for its next program.”

Yet there are various rumors going around, some are saying the show is permanently cancelled, while some are saying the cancellation is not true, they are only changing the format or the cast of the show. The future of the program seems to be ambiguous at the moment, all we can do is wait for the official statement from SBS.

I’m still waiting for Daesung to come back to the show!!!! Please dont cancel it!!!!

Source: Donga