4MEN Explain Why They Refused  a Love Call from ‘I Am A Singer’

It had become public that popular ballad group 4Men received a love call from controversial program MBC‘s ‘I Am A Singer‘.

When fans found out about the offer from MBC, many fans were excited about the issue and were anticipating their appearance on the program. They were also very interested into what sort of music they would sing (the group as a whole were to appear). 

4men explained their rejection: ‘We first thought our company was pulling a small joke at us. We in fact feel very thankful as we as a group were offered and not just the main vocalist.’ They continued, ‘We believe we are not ready for ‘I am a Singer.’ It does conflict with schedules, but we knew that we were not fully prepared to live up to the expectations/fullfil the offer.’ 

4men just recently released their 4th full- length album, ‘The Artist. ‘

source: TVreport