SNSD Tiffany and Yoona: Goodbye Fairies, Hello Sexy Queens!

Photos of Girls’ Generation’s (SNSD) Tiffany and Yoona’s performances during their Japanese concerts have been surfacing various internet communities. In the photos, both girls have shown a drastic transformation from innocent fairies to sexy queens. 

During the Girls’ Generation concerts in Japan, Tiffany wore a stage costume that reminded fans of lingerie and teased the audience with a Moulin Rogue-like performance to “Lady Marmalade” with Tae Yeon. Additionally, Yoona wowed the crowd with a sexy pole dance. She surprised fans worldwide with a provocative pole dance and leotard costume. The innocent and fairy-like image Yoona built up in Korea was nowhere to be seen as she performed a powerful and sexy number, and concert attendees went wild as Yoona’s backup dancers ripped off Yoona’s pants to reveal her long and gorgeous legs mid-performance. 

After seeing various photos and video footages of the event, netizens commented, “I hope we see more of these concepts from the girls in Korea,” “It’s a new side to them, and I’m still under shock,” and “From innocent angels to sexy queens.” 

On June 7th, Girls’ Generation headed to Paris to perform with label mates at the Le Zenith de Paris on June 19th-11th for the “SM TOWN Live World Tour in Paris.” They will return to Japan following the concert in Paris to complete their Japanese Arena Tour.

Yoona’s pole dancing

Tiffany & Tae Yeon Performing to “Lady Marmalade”