Nich Khun Considers Working at Starbucks

What is he thinking? Who would want to give up the glamorous K-pop idol life for the daily routine of roasted coffee and cappucinos? 2PM’s Thai Prince, Nick Khun would! On June 7th, the JYP Nation artist tweeted his new career ambitions. However, his reasons for choosing Starbucks are very out of the ordinary.

Read his Twitter contemplation below:

“I asked a worker at starbucks where I can buy the T shirt she’s wearing. She said it’s not for sale and I’d have to call the HQ. So I did…They said if I applied for a job there and actually get the job they would send me their take-out cup T-shirt for free..’Speechless’..Hahaha I’m considering my options.. Get the job = Free coffee + free T-shirt!!! Sounds like a good plan =]”

Let’s try to solve his dilemma. After we weigh out all the options, should he join the Starbucks team for the sake of a free T-shirt? Do you think he can handle idol life and coffee life, or should he follow his nose.…I mean heart?

Source: @Khunnie0624