Alexander Portrayed A Historical Playboy And He Received Presents?

3rdWaver Alexander tweeted fun images of himself with girls and gifts that could cause quite a stir! On June 5th, the former member of U-kiss flaunted his popularity with the ladies in his own Alex Era. Who were the two lovely ladies seated with him? 

Check out his twitter explanation below:

“Introducing…. MY CHILDHOOD FRIENDS!! They came from Macau to visit me~ ㅠvㅠ Don’t worry GIRLS, they r my OLD frds~ :PHmmm~ ……You girls should sing this ☞Alicia Keys – Girlfriend♬ ″I think I’m jealous of your girlfriend, although…..(well, tell me~)″♪ LOL~ :P”

On June 7th, he was tweeting to a different tune with a message of gratitude to KISSMes and new fans in his Twittersphere. The singer recently recieved gifts from international fans, and he uploaded an image of all the goodies he got. Take a look at his fan gifts from Japan below: 

“Presents from some Japanese fans… Really appreciate this~♥^-^”

What do you think of his intriguing and sweet tweets?

Source: @alexander_0729