Rainbow Set to Debut in Japan in September

DSP seven-member girl group is set to debut in September this year.

After seeing girl groups advancing on the Japanese market, it seems that Rainbow has decided to enter the fight, considering the fact that fellow girl group Kara is very popular in Japan,having topped famous Oricon chart many times this year.

Rainbow will debut as a rookie group in Japan with their hit single “A”. The girls have enjoyed success with this digital single in Korea,”A” being one of their strongest song, there’s no reason for Rainbow not to make it in Japan.

Having introduced the Belly Dance craze during “A” ‘s promotional activities, deemed too sensual for broadcast on korean music shows,it seems that Rainbow will be able to promote the song and perform the Belly Dance (when the girls lift their shirts during the choreography) on Japanese music programs with no problem.

Rainbow has ended promotional activities for their latest song “To Me” and is getting ready for follow-up activities.

Focusing on their advance in Japan,the girl group is currently preparing for their Japanese debut.The seven girls have been busily recording the song,filming the music video for “A”‘s Japanese version and posing for the single’s jacket.

Source : Sport Seoul

Among all the girl groups debuting in Japan,do you think Rainbow stands a chance?