PD of "Night After Night" Denies Rumors of Cancellation

It was earlier reported that someone affiliated to SBS “Night After Night” tipped off the show will be cancelled suddenly after its last recording few days ago. Yet on June 7th, PD Choi Young In cleared up the rumor and stated, “The hearing concept that was recorded on the 3rd was the last recording. The rumor saying we will be changing the entire cast is not true. We have not yet decided how we are going to change the format of the program.”

According to his statement, now we know the show will not be cancelled; only they are trying to change the format of the show. The format of the program now is based on a hearing concept, that they would invite two celebrity guests each week, and have a hearing with the cast, including MC Tak Jae Hoon, Park Myung Soo, Kim Jae Dong, Big Bang’s Daesung, After School’s UEE, and CN Blue’s YoungHwa. However, due to Daesung’s recent traffic accident, he is not participating in the show for now.

Source and Pic : Nate