Past Pictures of Boyfriend’s Dong Hyun

It was revealed that Boyfriend’s leader Dong Hyun had appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Happy Sunday – Conduct Zero.”

“Conduct Zero” was a program for Korean teenagers who had given up on their dreams and lost their way, which was emceed by Choi Min Soo and Kim Jae Dong. This program used to air in the year 2006. Dong Hyun was a part of a six that appeared on the show. On an online community website a screenshot of the show has appeared with the title, “Boyfriend Dong Hyun’s past.”

Netizens who have seen the picture commented, “He looks so young,” “Where is the end of the Boyfriend members’ pasts?” “I used to be a fan of that show nice to see you!”

Boyfriend is currently performing activities for their single album, “Boyfriend.”

Source: Star News