2PM at Coca Cola’s 125th Anniversary

2PM joined an event that celebrated Coca Cola’s 125th anniversary. Coca Cola held an event celebrating its 125th anniversary at Canon Plex Gallery in Apkujung, Seoul on June 8th. For this event all 2pm members: Joon Woo, Joon Ho, Woo Young, Nickhun, Chan Sung and Taecyeon appeared.

Taecyeon stated at the event, “We flew in from Japan in order to celebrate Coca Cola’s 125th anniversary,” “We are honored to have come to such a good event and as Coca Cola models we will try even harder to do our best.

Joon Ho added, “I wish we could be with Coca Cola, for its 125th and 150th anniversary,” “We are the first group to have had a CF contract for over two years.”

At the event there were Cola bottles that were designed with each 2PM’s member’s uniqueness and these bottles finished up a large cake.

The Coca Cola display will stay in Canon Plex until the 19th.

Source: Star News