Alexander Tweets About His Ear Infection

His U-kiss days are over, but this former Idol is still suffering for the price of beauty. On June 8th, the singer shared a couple of messages about his current woes via Twitter. Apparently, a “cool piercing” can come back to haunt you over time. Alexander admitted to having an ear infection because of his prized jewelry hole.

You can read all about his unfortunate experience here:

“u hv served me long enough since MMHN (Am I that Easy♪)… Thanks a lot n it’s time to say goodbye, Mr. Piercing… ㅠvㅠ Piercing is cool, but juz for a while~ cuz afterwards, it sucks~ My advice: If ur ear has infection, give it up or u’ll SUFFER like me~ ㅠvㅠ”

Have you ever experienced an ear infection because of your piercing? Whether your answer is yes or no,wiIll you send your favorite singer some oinment, or will you make it all better with a “kiss”?

Source: @alexander_0729