2PM’s Taecyeon Wants a Blind Date?

Taecyeon needs a girl. He may not be Tae Yang from Big Bang, but the 2PM beast is tweeting a tune all his own. On June 8th, the rapper said no to bromance and yes to a possible romance! Taec and his friend/producer and songwriter, Ian Choe, tweeted about hanging out and watching the newest X-Men installment.

Check out their tweets below:

Ian:  lol i’m back and i’ll watch it again, watch it with me holmes! on the real though, let’s chill soon. miss you #nohomo #bromo

Taec: haha if u watched it its fine~ just have to find me a date lol

Ian: aha it’s pretty dope. when you’re not watching xmen let’s chill then~ text me man

Hottest check: Did he just ask his friend to set him up? We may never know if Ian will reconsider and get him a date. Nonetheless, would you like to have Ian as your matchmaker? If he sets you up with the 2PM member, that is.

Credits: @taeccool and @ianchoe