How Big Bang is Affected After the Devastating Accident Involving Daesung

It has been a little over a week since Big Bang’s Kang Daesung had been stuck in the middle of an unfortunate accident. Since then there have been many reports made regarding the accident and the feelings of all of those involved. Now we have a bit of an update on what this means for Big Bang and Daesung in the coming months. Since he has been caught up in this terrible mess it also impacts Big Bang and their activities in the remainder of 2011.

Changes to schedules certainly have been made recently, the girl group 2NE1 were originally scheduled to release new music on the June 2nd but ended up being postponed for at least a week by YG Entertainment due to the circumstances surrounding their company member. The sixth installment of YG On Air had been postponed for a week as well as it is now scheduled to air this Friday.

The normal schedule for Big Bang is now difficult to digest especially with the absence of Daesung. The group recently completed their successful Japanese tour, which after a small break were expected to attend other various activities. Since the accident the shock and grief that has struck Daesung has caused him to shut himself in his room as he refuses to communicate with those closest to him, his family and friends. He remains at home as it’s been this way for over a week, he continues to mourn for the victim and the victim’s family.

The move to reconsider the activities of Big Bang and perhaps rework their schedule in the coming months is right for the situation. As it would be inappropriate until this situation is resolved and all the details are known for him to go about his life as a performer. Even then who knows how long it will be before he truly recovers from this, if ever, given his current state.

At this time Big Bang is not whole they intend to perform at the Singapore Korean Music Wave Concert this July it is hard to deny with the absence of Daesung Big Bang will not be the same, because of this they will perform content from their duo and solo activities. Though this is not the first time the group has gone on to perform as a quarter as they have made due when rapper TOP was hospitalized as well as in 2009 when Daesung was seriously injured in a large traffic accident as he was sitting in his manager’s car.

Undoubtedly the wound of his own near death experience is still there and the current situation that he is experiencing now will and has been, once again, causing him great pain. Also because of his previous serious experience of almost losing his life and the ability to sing he is able to connect to the victim and possibly making it that much worse for him as he internalizes the situation and turns it all on himself.

The autopsy of the victim is being conducted but the entire process takes about two weeks, at least, to receive the results one can expect to hear something more concrete sometime next week. Then they still have to investigate the surveillance footage along with the photos from the scene before anything conclusive comes about. May the investigation hurry along as we all hope that there will be some resolution made and the truth be told soon for the health and sanity of all those involved. They deserve to have closure and to heal.


Source: ilyoseoul
Translation: Rice@bigbangupdates