Wonders Girls Tweet Their "Nylon" Magazine Feature

The Wonder Girls haven’t released their official US debut album, but they are still taking over American magazines. After being featured in People, Paper Magazine, V, and many others, the five wonderful ladies have taken time for “Nylon”. What did their recent tweet and official site state about their appearance? Check out the information below for all the details:

“The Wonder Girls On Nylon Magazine

The Wonder Girls were recently featured on the July 2011 issue of Nylon Magazine.  The writer mentions how K-pop (Korean Pop Music) has already taken over Asia and is now headed towards the American market! And who is in the middle of all this? The Wonder Girls! Members Sunye and Yubin both believe that no matter where you are from and how different you may be, you can still “truly enjoy the same thing.”

Will you be picking up your copy of “Nylon”, now that you know the Wonder Girls are featured?

Credit: @followWG and The Wonder Girls Official Website