DBSK, SHINee, and f(X) Arrive in Paris!

On Wednesday night, Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK), SHINee, and f(x) arrived in Paris for the “SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS,” and over 1,500 European fans greeted them at the Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Avid fans camped out at the airport since dawn to catch a glimpse of their favorite k-pop stars. They held Korean flags, made posters written in Korean, and sang their favorite k-pop songs as the stars made their way across the crowd to their awaiting vehicles. The fans were not just from France, but from all over Europe. Over 30 airport police and security officials had to escort DBSK, SHINee, and f(x) through the crowd where they were bombarded with cameras and swooning fans.

SM artists Girls’ Generation (SNSD), Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK), Super Junior (SuJu), SHINee, and f(x) will perform at the Le Zenith de Paris on June 10th-11th for the first ever “SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS.” SM Entertainment announced earlier that highlights of the concerts will be released on their official YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/smtown) and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/smtown).


Video of avid fans awaiting their favorite stars at the CDG airport!