[Recap] City Hunter Episode 5

Here are the abbreviations that I will be using for the recap

Lee Yoon Sung (Played by Lee Min Ho): Yoon Sung

Kim Na Na (Played by Park Min Young): Nana

Lee Jin Pyo (Played by Kim Sang Joong): JP

Bae Shik Joong (Played by Kim Sang Ho): Bald dude

Choi Eung Chan (Played by Cheon Ho Jin): President CEC

Choi Da Hae (Played by Goo Hara): Dahae

Lee Kyung Wan (Played by Lee Hyo Jung: Target 1

Kim Young Joo (Played by Lee Jun Huk): YJ

Jin SeHee (Played by Hwang Sun hee): YJ’s ex/Sehee

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This episode of City Hunter once again felt like two or three episodes jampacked into one. The episode basically continued to answer some questions we had about the characters and developed them more. We also start to see some other love lines forming (^_^). Anyways, due to the number of views/commnets being focused on the second part of the episode recap per week, I’ll save my analysis for the recap that will go up on fridays. (Korean Time) Now let’s get back to City Hunter, I hope you enjoy! �de42

We’re back at the Intercontinental hotel when JP is just about to shoot Nana and Yoon Sung dives in to save her. She seems to be in shock, and Yoon Sung runs away with Nana not being able to see him. (Doh he forgot his necklace)

Where is Yoon Sung running to? Ah, he ran to save his father.

JP was all ready to go out in a blaze of glory.

He looks quite surprised to see Yoon Sung, and says “Yoon Sung…”

Kim Sang Gook runs into another car in order for Yoon Sung, JP, and the bald guy to escape.

Back in the car JP asks Yoon Sung if he was the one that blacked out the restaurant. They start to bicker. JP, “We agreed that whoever finds target number two first would take care of him!” Yoon Sung uses pretty solid reasoning and lessons his father had taught him before. (You taught me that you have the bend the rules in order to get to your goal and if you killed target number two right now he would become a hero) 

JP asks, “So… are you suggesting that we give up?” Yoon Sung, “If I was going to give up now, I wouldn’t have started in the first place. Father… Help me”

Target Number Two are at the hospital, and his youngest son is your typical spoiled brat and exclaims that he hopes that he was hit by a bullet.

Then he would be able to evade his military service. (Ironic, the father is a military figure and none of his sons have yet to go to the military service?) The father is obviously pissed off and scolds the son.

Nana and her partner are thanked by Target Number Two.

Back at Yoon Sung’s home, JP agrees to help Yoon Sung out. Yoon Sung brings up two points that are Target Number Two’s weaknesses, Military boots and the sons that evaded the military.

The officer asks JP if he will really do things Yoon Sung’s way and JP replies that once Target Number Two is caught, he will take care of him his own way.

YJ and the supervisor are together again they received a note about Target Number Two’s dirty dealings. YJ believes that there is a connection with this and the sniper incident. The supervisor is pleased and said, “Now you are becoming more and more like my own.”

YJ is back at his office going over the details of the sniper incident when he receives an invitation card.

Nana is still acting cold towards Yoon Sung back at the Blue House.

She receives an eviction notice and runs out to call her aunt who works for YJ!

Yoon Sung watches from the distance and calls the bald guy.

YJ arrives at the restaurant to talk to the owner and the owner is still adamant about not selling.

The bald guy arrives and gives the owner a crap load of money and succeeds in buying the apartment!

YJ is revealed to be the “Tall Guy” who sends Nana letters.

YJ is back at Sehee’s vet and they are talking about the invitation card, the sender thought the two were still together.

Back in front of Nana’s apartment both Yoon Sung and Nana are waving goodbye to the two little children.

Nana received a cute bandage and Yoon Sung puts it on her. Yoon Sung fusses over Nana and exclaims that he hates girls like her that don’t take care of themselves. Nana gets angry at this saying, “Lee Yoon Sung, I’m not as well off as you and there are so many things going on in my head that I didn’t have time to buy any band aids!” and walks off!

Yoon Sung follows Nana, she notices and tells him to stop following her.

The two run into Sehee. YJ, Nana, and Yoon Sung all are invited inside. 

Inside the vet we find out about Nana’s past, she has some sort of connection with YJ’s father who is a member of the group of five.

Nana sees YJ’s father on television has a flashback about her accident, and exclaims that she really hates YJ’s father. YJ looks a bit uncomfortable then Nana recieves some food for her dog.

Outside, both Yoon Sung and YJ fight over who will take her home. This time YJ wins. Sehee asks Yoon Sung to come in (before he had lied that he wanted a new pet), looks like she’s interested inYoon Sung!

Yoon Sung follows YJ and Nana. YJ buys a band aid for Nana and Yoon Sung looks disgusted/jealous.

He also had bought the same band aids that YJ have just bought. (Eek! Second time something like this happened!)

In the car Nana asks YJ if it is possible to re-investigate an accident that happened ten years ago.

YJ tells Nana that it might be possible but will be hard and he seems to already know what she is talking about.

Nana is back home looking through articles about “Kim Jong Shik.” (YJ’s father)

Then she took the letter from the “Tall Guy” and put it in a box that had a bunch of other letters. (Looks like YJ has been sending letters to Nana for a long time?) Nana looks at her family picture and talks to them saying that she will try her best to get their home back again.

She receives a text from Yoon Sung that says, “You looked better in the Byororo band aid.” (The cute one from the children) Yoon Sung back at home stares at his cellphone waiting for Nana to answer. (Haha I do this all the time) He gives up and the bald guy suddenly appears telling Yoon Sung to turn on the TV.

He begins to video chat with JP and gives all the information he had gathered. After hearing the info JP states that his leg kind of hurts and doesn’t know what he should eat. Yoon Sung offers to go over or send the bald guy but JP declines. The Bald guy exclaims, “Wow… Our dear leader is really old now, he would never complain about any pain before.” (Yoon Sung realizes that he forgot his necklace)

Next scene Targer Number Two and the CEO from the Group of Five discuss the sniper attack and the two later come to the conclusion that everything that is going on probably has to do with the mission involving JP.

The CEO asks his scary bodyguard/assassin to start finding out more about the “City Hunter.”

Back around the Blue House, the president is alone thinking about the meeting with JP where he was almost killed, and also meeting Yoon Sung’s mother. The president thinks to himself, “JP… how far will you go before you are satisfied.”

Suddenly Da Hae arrives interrupting the president, and she asks once again for Yoon Sung to be her tutor. (This time she said that she suddenly wants to study now but she doesn’t have enough basics, she needs Yoon Sung and she thinks she’ll be able to do better)

Back inside the Blue House, the bodyguards are training the communications team again. Nana’s partner is playing around with Yoon Sung’s co-worker. (Ko Ki Joon) However Nana’s partner had hinted in a previous episode that she was interested in Ko Joon.

Nana and Yoon Sung are also supposed to be training but Yoon Sung is not budging. Yoon Sung, “I’m not even a bodyguard why do I need to train?” Nana irritates Yoon Sung by comparing him to YJ and Yoon Sung talks back that Nana probably put the band aid on (to heal her scar) in order to look good for YJ.

He then does a judo move on her and it appears as though she starts making a small connection between Yoon Sung and the one that saved her from the sniper attack. Nana is confused, but exclaims that she wants to be seen as a girl for YJ and walks off.

The communications team seems to have been hacked and there is a picture of a faulty army boot on everyone’s screens. Yoon Sung re-hacks the source that hacked the communications team, and Ki Joon looks a bit disappointed while Yoon Sung looks suspicious.

Yoon Sung asks Ki Joon in the bathroom why Ki Joon didn’t fix the hacking problem himself. Ki Joon denies this and rushes out of the bathroom.

The CEO’s scary bodyguard/assassin is around Nana’s neighborhood looking for the two children. (Ruh Oh! He sees her go home and remembers Nana being there!)

Back at the communications team, Yoon Sung enhances the system’s communications network. He tries to leave but the supervisor suggests that they have a party afterwards.

The communications team is together at a karaoke. Ki Joon is extremely drink and decides to sing a sad song about a soldier serving his time for the Korean military service.

Yoon Sung takes Ki Joon out and the communications team had already called “Bullet Daerie” (The company that Nana used to work for as a driver) Ki Joon admits that he didn’t stop the hacking, it seems like he caused it. His brother lost his leg because of a faulty military boot. (Looks like this is the connection with Yoon Sung and Target Number Two, like Target Number One this is probably what will motivate Yoon Sung to take down Target Number Two)

Nana arrives to drive for Ki Joon. Yoon Sung and Nana try to cover up the fact that Nana is still a “Daerie.” (This would get her fired as a bodyguard because you can’t have side-jobs)

As they take Ki Joon home, Yoon Sung and Nana meet face to face with Ki Joon’s crippled brother. (The brother used to be a Tae Kwon Do athlete before he lost some of his leg because of the faulty military boot)

Nana and Yoon Sung are going back home and Yoon Sung is closing his eyes inside the bus. Yoon Sung pieces Ki Joon’s story together.

Then he acts like he is falling asleep and leans on Nana’s shoulder. She tries to push him off but he keeps on acting while smiling.

Eventually she gives up and is smiling as well.

Back at Nana’s apartment the CEO’s bodyguard/assassin is snooping around for information.

Nana and Yoon Sung return home. Yoon Sung tells Nana, “Be honest, you didn’t wake me up because you wanted to stay with me longer huh?” Nana exclaimed that she tried hard to push him off. Later Yoon Sung says, “Since I took you home this time, you’re probably grateful, can you give me some of that good Kimchi?”

They go to Nana’s door and it is unlocked. Yoon Sung is suspicious. He notices somebody else is there holding a knife. Yoon Sung shouts to Nana!

At the stairway the bodyguard/assassin is walking down when Yoon Sung steals his hat and begins to face him off! (Gahahaha this was a pretty cool scene, very fluid action!

It seems like Yoon Sung now has a signature move where he drop/sidekicks a bad guy mid-air)

Afterwards when Nana is finished with packing up the Kimchi for Yoon Sung, he begins to fuss over her. The bodyguard/assassin reports to the CEO and they are starting to get closer to finding out Yoon Sung.

Yoon Sung waits outside Nana’s house all night to make sure Nana is safe. (Nana of course is dubious to this fact, sigh, the things we men do for love)

The next day Nana’s supervisor is now telling her to take care of her financial problems stating that no one can trust a presidential bodyguard who is in need of money. She goes to the restaurant owner who tells her that the apartment was sold. Then she goes to the government office to figure out who bought the apartment. (Ruh Oh!)

She rushes over to Yoon Sung saying, “Lee Yoon Sung, why do you keep butting into my life? What are you to buy our house?” (She looks pissed off, meh she should be thankful in my opinion! Har har) 

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