Calling All Writers: Introducing Soompi’s First Fic-a-thon!

Do you love to write? Then here’s an opportunity for you! Soompi will be holding its very first fic-a-thon this summer! What’s a fic-a-thon, you ask? It’s a multi-tiered marathon writing competition! The fic-a-thon, to be held in Soompi’s fanfix forum and organized by fanfix forum moderators starforme and jisol, will break down into small writing and reading competitions throughout the months of July and August. Activities will include trivia contests, “treasure hunts,” drabble prompts, and more. Participants will be grouped at random to compete in these challenges. All challenges will be point-based. Whichever team comes on top will be honored in the fanfix forum with a banner set. Details on the challenges will follow after the sign-up period.

Soompi’s fanfix forum has always been open to all fiction writers, regardless of whether they write for specific fandoms or prefer to write without any fandom-related aspects. In the same vein, the fic-a-thon will be open to writers who write fics and writers who do not. The reading challenges will be geared towards members who have frequented the section, but again, we invite all members to come and join in on the fun!

Sign-ups for the fic-a-thon will be from now through June 18! If you sign up, you must be willing to commit to be active through this time frame. A grace period will be offered until June 30th for members who decide to sign up after the first round of activities.

Interested? Visit our fic-a-thon forum thread to keep up-to-date on the fic-a-thon! And definitely check out the fanfic forum — it’s a great place to amuse yourself with some quality stories!