f(x) Will Release a Second Title Track with a "Pinnochio" Repackaged Album

Currently f(x) is working hard while preparing for their first European concert, with fellow SM Entertainment artists, for the SM TOWN Live 2011 to be held in Paris, France this weekend on June 10th and the 11th. With the gals being busy touring schedule they haven’t forgotten their devoted fans back at home. 

Back in April the quintet released their first full-length album, “Pinocchio (Danger)” which received positive response from the public. They even went on to score eight mutizens with their title track, “Pinocchio (Danger)”! Further proving how far this group has come and continues to grow in skill and popularity. 

Today, just two months later after their successful “Pinocchio (Danger)” promotions, it was publicly announced that the gals will be releasing a repackaged-album of “Pinocchio”, which will be, appropriately titled, “Hot Summer”. You can expect “Hot Summer” to be available on store shelves and online on June 14th. What this repackage will bring music fans is a whopping total of fourteen tracks. The songs that make-up the track list will be the original ten from their first album as well as four additional songs which are: a completely new track “Hot Summer, “You Are Hiding a Secret” a song from the “Paradise Ranch” OST, their digital single “Chu”, and lastly their debut track “La ChA TA”.

“Hot Summer” will be the group’s second title track since “Pinocchio”. You can expect the girls to present a colorful stage performance on music shows which are sure to gain a hot reaction from their eager fans. This song is said to be unique because of the blend of music that makes up the track. To make the wait for next Tuesday a little easier here are a few fan taken behind-the-scenes photos of the set for the “Hot Summer” music video to be released soon as well.

Are you excited for “Hot Summer”? Will you be purchasing the album? How do you feel about repackage albums?

Source: TV Daily
Translation: iheartfx
Photos: iheartfx and TV Daily