Nich Khun Joins The Disney Family

Cartoon or no cartoon, Nich Khun wants to join the famous mice of Disney. Have Minnie and Mickey adopted Khunnie? On June 9th, the Thai singer of 2pm tweeted truthful and wishful thinking messages. The first tweet was an inspiring Paul Coelho message, while the second message just made Khun feel good. Check out the truth and his creative imagination below:

Nichkhun: The beauty of truth: whether it is bad or good, it is liberating [Coelho]……A new member of the Disney Family : Khunnie Mouse! = b


First it is Starbucks, now Disney, what will the famous JYP Entertainment singer/ fake “We Got Married” husband come up with next? Victoria has found quite the enterpreur. Which one do you prefer: Khun the singer, Khun the Starbucks worker, or Khunnie Mouse? His future occupation in the Twittersphere is in your hands!

Credit: @Khunnie0624