[Recap] City Hunter Episode 6

Here are the abbreviations that I will be using for the recap

Lee Yoon Sung (Played by Lee Min Ho): Yoon Sung

Kim Na Na (Played by Park Min Young): Nana

Lee Jin Pyo (Played by Kim Sang Joong): JP

Bae Shik Joong (Played by Kim Sang Ho): Bald dude

Choi Eung Chan (Played by Cheon Ho Jin): President CEC

Choi Da Hae (Played by Goo Hara): Dahae

Lee Kyung Wan (Played by Lee Hyo Jung: Target 1

Kim Young Joo (Played by Lee Jun Huk): YJ

Jin SeHee (Played by Hwang Sun hee): YJ’s ex/Sehee

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Nana is upset that Yoon Sung has bought Nana’s apartment. Nana assumes that Yoon Sung did this in order to make her upset and show off how much money he has. (A bit of a stretch but of course, Nana doesn’t know what Yoon Sung has been up to, or his real side yet.) Yoon Sung then begins to talk about how it was an investment opportunity, he probably wasn’t going to do this but he can’t let down his pride. Yoon Sung is saying that he will move into Nana’s home. Yoon Sung then suggests that Nana be more honest and ask him to let her live at the apartment.

Nana exclaims that she hates people that play around with people with money from the bottom of her heart.

Back at the communications deparment in the Blue House, Ki Joon goes to Yoon Sung when he returns to the communications team. Yoon Sung states that he wants Ki Joon to be straight to the point. Ki Joon was drunk and all he remembered was that there was a girl in front of Yoon Sung. Ki Joon asks if the girl was Shin Eun Ah (Nana’s partner). Then Ki Joon asks Yoon Sung if he made any mistakes. Annoyed, Yoon Sung exclaims “Yes you did, and you made a lot!”

While Nana is back at her office she’s thinking back while looking at her family photo. Then she looks at the bullet-necklace and heaves a sigh.

Next we are back at YJ’s office with the driver of the prison bus. (Remember that episode where JP had the man at gunpoint and told him to get off if he valued his life?) YJ doesn’t think that the City Hunter is the one in the bus. (JP in reality.) They have information that the man they are looking for (JP) has a weak leg and walks a little strangely. YJ then asks to find out everyone in Korea that has a disability in a leg. Then he also wants that cross checked with people who have brought American guns to Korea.

Yoon Sung is on top of the roof of Nana’s apartment using binoculars. He thinks that Nana’s apartment would be a good place for a runaway. Then he starts shaking the bars behind the windows which are faulty. He goes to a man to have them all fixed up.

Yoon Sung is back at his car practicing talking to Nana. “You should live there etc.” (Of course our hero was going to give the house to Nana all along.) But when Nana is actually there everything comes out wrong!

The two are at it again arguing. 

Eventually Nana gives up and while she leaves, she tells Yoon Sung that he needs to take care of the dog. Yoon Sung is pissed off because Nana basically made a hole herself and is stuck there (He is right! Nana is the one that was jumping to conclusions), but Yoon Sung didn’t help the situation at all.

Yoon Sung goes after Nana so that he can talk to her. He chases her bus again but Nana is just ignoring him. The scary bodyguard/assassin is following the two.

Next, Nana is with her father at the hospital and is relaying all the things that has happened to her although he’s still in a coma. She takes out the bullet-necklace and by herself says that she’s alive because of this man but right now she’s dying. (As in she’s having a difficult time.)

Yoon Sung sees the scary bodyguard/assassin in the hospital. At the hospital there is an attractive girl on the phone and Yoon Sung begins to talk to her. He says that the man over there is very interested in her and that she should go over and have a cup of coffee together.

The female talks to the bodyguard/assassin telling him that he is not her type. Then Yoon Sung disappears out of sight. Yoon Sung returns to Nana but she is fast asleep next to her father.

Yoon Sung returns to Nana’s home and the dog is just staring at him. Yoon Sung scolds the dog, “Hey! You should be barking if somebody comes in. How can I trust that you will take care of Nana when you’re like this.” Then Yoon Sung sits down to watch some TV but it’s not working. Yoon Sung talks to Nana in the picture saying “Why don’t you just listen to a person, why are you so stubborn? Now I feel sorry.”

Yoon Sung wakes up the next morning and the toilet isn’t working to his dismay.

The next day he has a cup of coffee for Nana but he begins to scold her about the house. She is also annoyed and they bicker.

YJ is at the communications team of the Blue House looking for Ko Ki Joon. YJ is taking away Ko Ki Joon because the prosecutors thought that he hacked the computer system the other day. (Ko Ki Joon was also being taken away because of other suspicions as the City Hunter.) YJ sees Nana and says that she seems to be treating her face well.

While eating lunch the supervisor of the bodyguard and the communications team was talking smack about Ko Ki Joon, then Nana’s partner was extremely angry. She put down her spoon on the table, stood up and said that talking smack behind someone’s back because they’re not there is not gentlemanlike. (Yoon Sung is amused.)

Back at JP’s office, they were looking at x-rays for the leg of the youngest son of Target Number Two.

Yoon Sung figures out that they did some type of surgery for the son so that he could evade his military service. JP is angry that a person in such a high position’s son is doing these things to get out of the military service. Yoon Sung asks JP to let him take care of Target Number Two.

Nana meanwhile is with Target Number Two for his campaigning efforts. A man approaches Target Number Two, Nana is alerted by his behavior and does a judo move on him. Turns out though, the man was just a supporter. Target Number Two’s wife scolds Nana on the spot and also on the drive back. 

Yoon Sung returns to Nana’s apartment and begins to text Nana. She sees Yoon Sung’s text and it reads “Clean the dog’s poop.”

Nana comes back to the apartment and she is furious. She says that aren’t you saying too much to somebody that doesn’t have a house. They begin to bicker again until Yoon Sung says, “Then why don’t you just live with me!” Yoon Sung tells Nana to buy it back then afterwards. Nana seems to agree to it. Nana cutely asks for some time to think about it. Nana talks to her parents in the picture and asks them to close their eyes just until she can buy the house back.

Then Nana says that they should write a contract, with a price for each type of physical contact. He first argues like he did before that he wouldn’t do anything to her because she’d probably kick his ass with judo. She is adamant but then Yoon Sung begins to flirt with her, and Nana ends up naming a price for every type of physical contact. (Kinky!)

Back at Yoon Sung’s apartment the bald guy also is warning Yoon Sung if he does anything to her. When Yoon Sung asks the bald guy what his relationship is with Nana. But, sadly, we don’t get a straight answer.

Yoon Sung is taking a shower annoying Nana again by saying that he’ll take showers first so that Nana will clean up the bathroom. Thus, everytime he takes a shower the bathroom will be clean without any effort. Meanwhile, Nana attaches their contract on the refrigerator.

Yoon Sung asks Nana for some PJs or just her old judo uniform. As he doesn’t have a belt he starts to put on the one that is hanging on the wall. Nana tells him that the belt is important for her and gives him another one. (That belt was the one her dead parent had during the car accident.)

Nana said she would go back into the bathroom and she fell into the toilet (LOL!) because he didn’t put the seat down.

When Nana came out of the bathroom Yoon Sung was checking her out, but acting like he wasn’t.

Nana goes into the bedroom to sleep and Yoon Sung talks to himself saying he wanted to watch a TV show with her because it was boring on his own. The two of them are trying to sleep but they toss and turn. (Haha I was half expecting Nana and Yoon Sung to go to each other or something @_@) They face each other’s direction and fall asleep.

Nana is dreaming about the car accident that killed her parents and her at the site of the accident. She wakes up crying and telling her mom that she is sorry. (I wonder if there is a particular reason she is saying sorry to her mother?) 

The next morning Nana is looking out in case anybody is watching.

(She doesn’t want the fact that she is living with Yoon Sung to be revealed)

Yoon Sung left to see Ko Ki Joon and Yoon Sung was advising that Ki Joon should just tell the prosecutors the truth. Ki Joon seemed to have taken all the blame for the hacking. (That was actually done by his brother.) Ko Ki Joon talked about his little brother who was injured. Ko Ki Joon felt helpless because he couldn’t do anything about it.

Yoon Sung is leaving when he sees the little brother say, “Your special brotherly love is irritating.” Also, he tells the younger brother that Ki Joon needs to just admit the truth, else, they are both screwed. (One brother in jail, while another is crippled.)

Yoon Sung is back at shooting practice and he is acting like he sucks. (In order to keep his alter ego safe.)

At the shooting range, Dahae runs to Yoon Sung! Dahae then asks him to teach her.

At first he is annoyed and reluctant but gives up and helps her. The bodyguard supervisor is looking suspiciously at Yoon Sung because together they hit a perfect 10. While Nana seems a bit jealous.

The next scene showed Incheon international airport. The arms dealer and Target Number Two were meeting. The two shady people were meeting at a hotel and of course YJ and Sehee were at the hotel also because of their friend’s “Dol party.” (This party is held when a child turns one years old.) Nana is also at the hotel checking if the area is safe for Target Number Two’s event that will be held tomorrow.

YJ sees Targer Number Two and the arms dealer. He goes there warning them not to do anything shady!

Yoon Sung is in the hotel room right next to them and he is going to overhear/watch their conversation. The bald guy is dressed up as room service, with some bugged devices on his tray. (Haha I laughed out loud when that white bodyguard said “Come In!” it was pretty awkward)

Yoon Sung turns on the machine and both he and the bald guy begin to listen in to their conversation.

Basically shady business is going down. Targer Number Two agrees to buy some faulty fighter jets in return for a high percentage of commission. Also, after he becomes president he promises to increase the amount of money spent on military arms, but he will only buy the best products that the arms dealer has to offer.

YJ is at the “Dol Party” and the common friend is talking how YJ and Sehee should have a child by now or be married? YJ then asks the common friend if she saw Sehee. 

Sehee is at a bar drinking by herself. (It seems that even though YJ told Yoon Sung that he believes in work/life balance, he wasn’t doing so well. That was probably the main reason he and Sehee broke up.) Yoon Sung is at the bar as well. Sehee is getting a call from YJ and shuts off her phone.

Sehee is a bit envious because her friend married because of her but already has three chidren. As Sehee gets up to go to the “Dol Party” she spills cocktail over Yoon Sung. She offers to get it cleaned.

YJ is at the hotel lobby and sees Yoon Sung and Sehee walk towards the elevator. Nana is then asked to go to the 19th floor and get some documents for Target Number Two. (Where Yoon Sung is of course)

Nana forgets which room is the one she needs to go to and she opens the door to Yoon Sung in a bathrobe. Inside is Sehee.

YJ sees everything also and of course Nana and YJ both are there with faces that read WTF?!?!

Final Comments


From Episode 5 I really liked the fight scene between Yoon Sung and the bodyguard/assassin where Yoon Sung was using the scrapbook made by Nana.

During Episode 6 there were a few moments where I was reminded of the City Hunter manga.

There was that part when Yoon Sung uses the attractive woman in the hospital to get rid of the bodyguard/assassin.

There was the part when Yoon Sung was explaining to Nana that her breasts were too small therefore not being his type.

Also, the part where he is flirting/playing around with Nana when she brings up the contract that will have Yoon Sung paying her whenever they happen to violate the terms and have physical contact.

I also enjoyed the fact that father and son were working together, although we know that JP will try to kill Target Number Two when he gets the chance that will be another source of conflict.

Dislikes: These episodes always feel like the writers are putting in too much for one viewing. Of course, this is due to the fact that the drama itself will be a bit short, but personally I’d have more than one season of City Hunter with the storylines being spread out over more episodes. Other than this, episode 6 felt a bit slower than episode 5?



1) Love Lines

I just thought it would be nice to organize the different love lines/triangles that are forming, now that we have a quite a few episodes down.

A: Nana + Yoon Sung

B: Nana + YJ

C: Sehee (YJ seems to still have some lingering feelings) + Yoon Sung

D: Ki Joon and Nana’s bodyguard partner

Haha, the most complex love triangle so far is Nana, Yoon Sung, and YJ. But I guess it’s now a love square because Sehee seems to be interested in Yoon Sung as well? Regardless my favorite couple or soon to be couple is Ki Joon and Nana’s bodyguard partner. I hope the two end up dating on the show!

2) Format of the Drama

Well now that we have got to see Yoon Sung interacting with two different targets it appears to me that the drama is following a certain format. If the original City Hunter was a case-by-case episode, our beloved City Hunter drama is changing stories by target. Also, it seems like Yoon Sung makes a personal connection with somebody who is suffering because of the corrupt choices that one of the targets make. (Ex: Target Number One and the poor children, Target Number Two and Ki Joon’s crippled brother)

Some might say that it’s a bit cheesy but I like how it works out, this whole idea of everything being connected and Yoon Sung being affected by these different personal connections that he has. More and more he’s becoming a hero that needs to protect these people in his life.

3) Chuck Bass vs. Yoon Sung

Haha! I was having a conversation with Melkimx the other day and she brought up Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl and my mind began to make connections. I was comparing Yoon Sung with LMH’s character from Boys Over Flowers, but I should have compared him to Chuck Bass!

Briefly for those of you that don’t know Chuck Bass, he is one of the main characters on Gossip Girl. He is probably the richest out of the characters but he never grew up with a stable mother and had a harsh father. Chuck Bass is cold, dirty rich, but he will always love one of the female characters: Blaire Waldorf.

I can’t believe I hadn’t made this connection before because the two characters have so much in common. They also can’t seem to show their true emotions and speak what they are actually going through. Their character flaws make for juicy drama and also it’s fun to see the two dish out cold words on everyone else.

Of course, this bad boy that is rich, (and has a weak spot for his true love) is a character that is currently trending and always beloved. For me now, I see Yoon Sung’s character as a combination of Bruce Wayne from Batman and Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl.

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