Join Your Favorite K-Pop Stars on Stage with the “2011 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival”

The Visit Korea Year Committee is hosting a “2011 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival,” and k-pop fans worldwide can participate for a chance to win a trip to Korea. The purpose of this festival is to enjoy and strengthen the k-pop craze with people from all over the world. Fans can submit videos of any k-pop cover dance to enter the competition. Cover dance refers to learning and mastering the choreographies of existing dances performed by your favorite music artists. The committee will accept submissions via until July 24th for an online preliminary round.

Fans will vote for their favorite submissions, and those who qualify for the second round will be judged in person by famous Korean choreographers, musicians, and other professionals in the industry. The final qualifiers will get a chance to compete in Korea in October for a chance to perform with Korea’s bests. Final winners will be able to join their favorite k-pop stars on stage at the “Korean Wave Dream Concert” on October 3rd at the Gyeongju Gymnasium.

2010-2012 Visit Korea Year campaign was designed to promote Korean tourism among international tourists; and the committee is using the current boom in Hallyu Wave to promote Korea to young people globally.