Lee Teuk: "Killer Schedule? What do you mean by Killer?"

Lee Teuk, leader of Super Junior, gave his thoughts about “Super Junior’s Killer Schedule.”

The busy schedule’s of idols has been a hot topic recently with SNSD’s current schedule and DBSK’s 2008-2009 schedules being posted online. 

On June 8th for KBS 2FM “Super Junior Kiss the Radio.” One listener asked Lee Teuk, “Oppas you are going to Paris yes?

Lee Teuk answered, “Yes we are going to France, and there we will perform well and I will also try to advertise Super Junior Kiss the Radio even at Europe.

He continued by saying, “There is a lot of people talking about our busy schedule, but what can you do about it? Do you think we’re the only ones that are busy?

He added, “Everyone who works is probably busy and having a hard time, whenever I hear something like that personally it is upsetting,” “Somebody who is popular will of course have lots of work, you know there are a lot of people that want to do more work but don’t the opportunity.

That’s why I hope that you fans stop saying, ‘Wow you must have a hard time,’ ‘it would be nice if you guys had some rest’ and instead said ‘Fighting! I hope you guys continue to work harder’ I would like it if you gave us these types of cheering instead.

After talking Lee Teuk finished by saying “I really wanted to tell you this, it was up to my neck.

There was a lot of talk about Super Junior’s killer schedule and Lee Teuk pretty much gave his explanation. On June 9th he had also wrote on his twitter, “What do you mean its ‘killer?’

Source: Star News