KBS Music Bank 06.10.2011

Fact or Fiction: BEAST lost today. “FICTION”! The band’s number one hit on weekend music shows remains at the very top of the K-chart this week.”Fiction” has won the triple crown.

Gentlemen’s Choice continues with the invasion of insanely great music from Kim Hyun Joong and 4Men. The singer’s made their comeback for the second time this week on KBS. Which of them do yu think will rule the charts in the coming weeks? Ji Sun was the only lady to join in on the comeback stages tonight.

The following artists performed on tonight’s gentlemen invasion day: B1A4, Rania, Eru, X-5, Jewelry, A Pink, Clover, Kim Jong Min, Ali, After School, Norazo, Alex, Jang Woo Hyuk, SECRET, Brian Joo, F T Island, and Baek Ji Young.

BEAST’s Winning Moment

Beast – Fiction


FT Island – Hello Hello

Kim Hyu Joong – Please and Break Down

Brian – Loved but its over now

Secret – Starlight Moonlight

Jang Woo Hyuk – Time is [L]over

Alex is a musicial Genius! He “can’t be crazy”

After School – Shampoo

Kim Jong Min.ft. Jewelry’s Eun Jung – Cheer up, man

Clover – Ice trim

4Men’s first love is “Once in a lifetime”! [aka “To Live At Least Once”]

A PINK – I don’t know

Ji Sun – Dear Wind

Jewelry – Pass

X-5 – The show is over

Rania – Masquerade

B1A4 – O.K.

Kimh Hyun Joong Backstage

F T Island, BEAST, and Brain Joo Backstage



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