Park Bo Young’s Pre-Debut Graduation Photos Surface


Actress Park Bo Young‘s extraordinary pre-debut photos of her graduation day have been revealed. These photos basically prove that she is a natural beauty.

The photos were revealed on the 10th at an online community board and shows her doing two different stances. Park Bo Young can be seen with a shirt with her arms bent as they lean against her hips. Her wearing casual clothing is a first to the public, as she mostly dons clothing that would catch the eye on stage. 

Photos of other celebrities including Miss A‘s Suzy  and KARA‘s Goo Hara have surfaced, but netizens have pointed out that Park Bo Young’s photos were the “best graduation photos”. 

In the second photo, Park Bo Young can be seen in uniform with her long hair. Netizens replied to this photo with, “It doesn’t matter if she wears uniform or casuals, she will forever be pretty.” “Her plain looks are far better than her current.”

In other news, Park Bo Young recently featured in Beast‘s music video for their latest album, Fiction and Fact. 


Source: naver